Monday, November 2, 2015

WARNING: Conditions that will get you blocked and/or ignored

I'm disappointed that I have to make a blog post like this. But seeing as though I am coming across a few guys who are turning out to be total time wasters, I might as well put the shit out there. Now, in a previous post, I made a statement that I am not a "fin domme" and I stand by that. However, I will not talk for free.Just because you purchased my yahoo ID does not mean I will sit and chat with you for free while you jerk your worthless dick stick and not compensate me for my time. If you want a hypno session or you want to speak about your addictions, fantasies etc, you will either call me like everyone else, tribute me for a certain amount of time for us to chat or you will send me a gift certificate. If you have no intentions of paying for my valuable time, I have no intentions of talking to you. It's really that simple. You can't go into a business and expect services or product without paying, so don't expect to talk to me or get off without paying. I will block you or flat out ignore you until you've paid in one way or another.
For you one minute assholes, I will block you. If you hang up in 1-2 minutes without even giving the call a chance, I will block you. You five minute wankers trying to cum quick because your funds are low, I'm not the one. The first time, you'll be issued a warning. Second time, I will block you and you'll have to pay a $50 unblock me fee to be made active again. If you ask me to lower my rates, I will block you. As good as I am, I could charge more, but I don't. Men pay $2.35/minute and talk for more than an hour. What makes you so special that you should get a lower rate?
As for free minutes, unless you are an established client who is known for doing 30 minute or longer calls, you will NEVER get free minutes from me. I've come across a few assholes who will hang up after that free minute is used so he doesn't have to pay for my time. That will forever get you blocked.
Do I Cam? No I do not. I don't have any cam listings. Don't ask me to cam. And because of this thing going on where someone is requesting skype shows and paying for them with stolen credit cards but then asking for a portion of the money back through paypal or whatever the fuck is going on, if you mention skype, you're getting blocked. I will not jeopardize my business relationship with Niteflirt or my integrity for that foolishness. Don't play yourself.
These are my rules. They are non-negotiable and not up for debate. I'm great at what I do. And when you're great at something, you should be compensated for it and you should never down play it to satisfy someone unless they are an established client and earned the right for a discount or freebie. Any questions, leave a comment below or message me on Niteflirt. Until next time boys! Ciao!

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