Friday, October 30, 2015

I'll do ANYTHING!! - A Slut's Fatal Phrase

"I want you to put me in a deep, deep trance, Ms. Dana. A trance so deep that no matter how hard I try, I can't escape. I am completely under your control. I become so addicted to you that the mere sound of your voice compels me to do whatever you want me to do... I'll do ANYTHING for you Ms. Dana!!" That phrase compiled of three simple words is music to my ears. Once I hear that phrase, my twisted little sadistic mind begins to travel to a very dark place. I can't count on both hands and both feet how many times I've heard that phrase. I would need a couple more hands and feet and maybe even more. Smith, is one of my recent pets. And like so many others, he began his addiction to me with the Dependency Hypno Mp3. Once my sensuous, seductive voice flowed through his ears and became embedded in his mind, he was mine for the taking. He is a complete sex-a-holic... or should I say STROKE-A-HOLIC as he does not get pussy as often as he would like. So he beats his dick multiple times a day, at least five. Well, that was before me. Now he's up to seven times a day. Once in the morning before he gets out of bed, in the shower, in the car on his way to work, in his car again on his lunch break, in his car again on his way home, and again before bed. Sometimes TWICE before bed. That's a lot of dick stroking. I bet his hand is strong as shit now! LOL! But I sent him a personalized mp3, with me whispering, portraying the devil on his shoulder with no help from any angel, my voice completely taking over his subconscious. He listened to it on his way to work while he stroked himself and came soooo fucking hard. The only problem was, even after the mp3 was over, the whispering didn't stop. He continued to hear my whispers in his head while he was in his office at work. And those whispers pulled at him, seduced him, tormented him and played with him until his dick couldn't take it anymore and he NEEDED me more than ever. Smith began messaging me on Yahoo telling me that he wanted to take an early lunch just so he could beat off. He whined about  how hard his dick was and how the whispering wouldn't stop and the whispering was making his dick leak precum and the whispering made him feel like he was going to cum in his pants without even touching himself. But Smith knows I control his cock. He knows that he doesn't stroke unless he is scheduled to stroke, not before. And if he misses his allotted time to stroke, then he would have to suffer until the next schedule stroking time. Smith begged and begged and begged for me to please let him stroke. And then he uttered the magic words that was music to my ears: "I'll do ANYTHING Ms. Dana!" Ahhh, a slut's fatal phrase. So I told him he needed to do it now, at that very moment, inside of his office, at his desk and with the door opened. That he wasn't allowed to sneak off to the bathroom and jerk off inside of one of the stalls and he was not going to take an early lunch. He could either stroke right then and there inside of his office with the door opened, or he forfeited his stroking privileges for the rest of the week. He quickly said he'd do it. I made him take a picture of his cock pulled out of his pants at his desk with his hand around it and boy was he super hard! Precum glistened all over the top of his cock. I then made him call me on Niteflirt with his bluetooth in his ear so I could further mind fuck him with my whispers. And he stroked and stroked, trying hard to suppress his moans while keeping an eye on the door. It got very interesting when some of his co-workers came into his office to ask a question or spark up a bullshit conversation. Instinct told him to stop stroking, but he couldn't. Not with "The Devil" whispering in his ear to keep going, keep stroking. Smith was lucky enough to have about ten minutes of uninterrupted stroking time and that's when my whispers really began to torment him. He stroked, and stroked and stroked and stroked with me sending him sexy photos of me, and he stroked and stroked and stroked until I whispered in his ear to cum for me. Cum hard. Just as he was starting to ejaculate, another co-worker came in. Imagine Smith trying hard to be discreet as his hand stroked up and down, squeezing his cock, squeezing the hot, creamy cum out, feeling it spill all over his hand but not completely able to enjoy it because he had to be inconspicuous. LMFAO. So where I had him all worked up, horny as fuck, so turned on that he risked it all by beating his dick in the office WITH the door opened, he couldn't even enjoy the thrill as someone walked in on him. Orgasm: RUINED! But that didn't deter Smith. Oh no. Instead, that turned him on even more, making him determined to get off to the whole experience. During lunch he called me again and I whispered in his ear, replaying the entire office stroking ordeal for him until he blew all over his steering wheel. Ahhhh I can still hear his screams. Afterwards he told me I was "The Devil". Maybe I am. LOL! Stay tuned for the "Whispers" mp3. Where will I have YOU stroking?

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