Monday, November 2, 2015

WARNING: Conditions that will get you blocked and/or ignored

I'm disappointed that I have to make a blog post like this. But seeing as though I am coming across a few guys who are turning out to be total time wasters, I might as well put the shit out there. Now, in a previous post, I made a statement that I am not a "fin domme" and I stand by that. However, I will not talk for free.Just because you purchased my yahoo ID does not mean I will sit and chat with you for free while you jerk your worthless dick stick and not compensate me for my time. If you want a hypno session or you want to speak about your addictions, fantasies etc, you will either call me like everyone else, tribute me for a certain amount of time for us to chat or you will send me a gift certificate. If you have no intentions of paying for my valuable time, I have no intentions of talking to you. It's really that simple. You can't go into a business and expect services or product without paying, so don't expect to talk to me or get off without paying. I will block you or flat out ignore you until you've paid in one way or another.
For you one minute assholes, I will block you. If you hang up in 1-2 minutes without even giving the call a chance, I will block you. You five minute wankers trying to cum quick because your funds are low, I'm not the one. The first time, you'll be issued a warning. Second time, I will block you and you'll have to pay a $50 unblock me fee to be made active again. If you ask me to lower my rates, I will block you. As good as I am, I could charge more, but I don't. Men pay $2.35/minute and talk for more than an hour. What makes you so special that you should get a lower rate?
As for free minutes, unless you are an established client who is known for doing 30 minute or longer calls, you will NEVER get free minutes from me. I've come across a few assholes who will hang up after that free minute is used so he doesn't have to pay for my time. That will forever get you blocked.
Do I Cam? No I do not. I don't have any cam listings. Don't ask me to cam. And because of this thing going on where someone is requesting skype shows and paying for them with stolen credit cards but then asking for a portion of the money back through paypal or whatever the fuck is going on, if you mention skype, you're getting blocked. I will not jeopardize my business relationship with Niteflirt or my integrity for that foolishness. Don't play yourself.
These are my rules. They are non-negotiable and not up for debate. I'm great at what I do. And when you're great at something, you should be compensated for it and you should never down play it to satisfy someone unless they are an established client and earned the right for a discount or freebie. Any questions, leave a comment below or message me on Niteflirt. Until next time boys! Ciao!

Friday, October 30, 2015

I'll do ANYTHING!! - A Slut's Fatal Phrase

"I want you to put me in a deep, deep trance, Ms. Dana. A trance so deep that no matter how hard I try, I can't escape. I am completely under your control. I become so addicted to you that the mere sound of your voice compels me to do whatever you want me to do... I'll do ANYTHING for you Ms. Dana!!" That phrase compiled of three simple words is music to my ears. Once I hear that phrase, my twisted little sadistic mind begins to travel to a very dark place. I can't count on both hands and both feet how many times I've heard that phrase. I would need a couple more hands and feet and maybe even more. Smith, is one of my recent pets. And like so many others, he began his addiction to me with the Dependency Hypno Mp3. Once my sensuous, seductive voice flowed through his ears and became embedded in his mind, he was mine for the taking. He is a complete sex-a-holic... or should I say STROKE-A-HOLIC as he does not get pussy as often as he would like. So he beats his dick multiple times a day, at least five. Well, that was before me. Now he's up to seven times a day. Once in the morning before he gets out of bed, in the shower, in the car on his way to work, in his car again on his lunch break, in his car again on his way home, and again before bed. Sometimes TWICE before bed. That's a lot of dick stroking. I bet his hand is strong as shit now! LOL! But I sent him a personalized mp3, with me whispering, portraying the devil on his shoulder with no help from any angel, my voice completely taking over his subconscious. He listened to it on his way to work while he stroked himself and came soooo fucking hard. The only problem was, even after the mp3 was over, the whispering didn't stop. He continued to hear my whispers in his head while he was in his office at work. And those whispers pulled at him, seduced him, tormented him and played with him until his dick couldn't take it anymore and he NEEDED me more than ever. Smith began messaging me on Yahoo telling me that he wanted to take an early lunch just so he could beat off. He whined about  how hard his dick was and how the whispering wouldn't stop and the whispering was making his dick leak precum and the whispering made him feel like he was going to cum in his pants without even touching himself. But Smith knows I control his cock. He knows that he doesn't stroke unless he is scheduled to stroke, not before. And if he misses his allotted time to stroke, then he would have to suffer until the next schedule stroking time. Smith begged and begged and begged for me to please let him stroke. And then he uttered the magic words that was music to my ears: "I'll do ANYTHING Ms. Dana!" Ahhh, a slut's fatal phrase. So I told him he needed to do it now, at that very moment, inside of his office, at his desk and with the door opened. That he wasn't allowed to sneak off to the bathroom and jerk off inside of one of the stalls and he was not going to take an early lunch. He could either stroke right then and there inside of his office with the door opened, or he forfeited his stroking privileges for the rest of the week. He quickly said he'd do it. I made him take a picture of his cock pulled out of his pants at his desk with his hand around it and boy was he super hard! Precum glistened all over the top of his cock. I then made him call me on Niteflirt with his bluetooth in his ear so I could further mind fuck him with my whispers. And he stroked and stroked, trying hard to suppress his moans while keeping an eye on the door. It got very interesting when some of his co-workers came into his office to ask a question or spark up a bullshit conversation. Instinct told him to stop stroking, but he couldn't. Not with "The Devil" whispering in his ear to keep going, keep stroking. Smith was lucky enough to have about ten minutes of uninterrupted stroking time and that's when my whispers really began to torment him. He stroked, and stroked and stroked and stroked with me sending him sexy photos of me, and he stroked and stroked and stroked until I whispered in his ear to cum for me. Cum hard. Just as he was starting to ejaculate, another co-worker came in. Imagine Smith trying hard to be discreet as his hand stroked up and down, squeezing his cock, squeezing the hot, creamy cum out, feeling it spill all over his hand but not completely able to enjoy it because he had to be inconspicuous. LMFAO. So where I had him all worked up, horny as fuck, so turned on that he risked it all by beating his dick in the office WITH the door opened, he couldn't even enjoy the thrill as someone walked in on him. Orgasm: RUINED! But that didn't deter Smith. Oh no. Instead, that turned him on even more, making him determined to get off to the whole experience. During lunch he called me again and I whispered in his ear, replaying the entire office stroking ordeal for him until he blew all over his steering wheel. Ahhhh I can still hear his screams. Afterwards he told me I was "The Devil". Maybe I am. LOL! Stay tuned for the "Whispers" mp3. Where will I have YOU stroking?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When the Addiction Gets Real!

Man, when the addiction gets real, it really gets real. And while I would never downplay the power that I have over the opposite sex, sometimes you boys amaze me in the lengths you will go to when put in a trance or just to satisfy me. I have two Jims now; Pill Popping Jim and my new Jim, a cock stroking maniac. Pill Popping Jim has various addictions- pills, poppers and humiliation. (Ha, I bet you thought I was going to write pills, poppers, pussy, oh my!) The more humiliating the experience is with me, the more addicted he is to engage in other humiliating acts. But it seems the addiction for pills and poppers (and sometimes booze) goes hand and hand with the addiction to the humiliation. 
So picture this: Jim is asshole naked, not wearing anything except his dress socks from work. He's kneeling in front of his desk with my Niteflirt page opened, staring at his favorite photo of me, he has his display of Xanax, a bottle of Jack Daniels and his poppers of course. But added to that is his girlfriend's big 10 inch dildo. I had Jim doing all sorts of things: dipping the head of the dildo inside of his glass of Jack Daniels and then sucking it off as though he was sucking a dick, saturating his cotton balls with what he likes to use as poppers and taking a hit. And then that's when things really got interesting. I decided to do forced intox via booze in another manner. Instead of having him drink the Jack Daniels, I had him cover the dildo in it. He poured some of it in a pan and bathed the shaft of the dildo in the booze. Then I had him fuck his ass with it, while taking a hit from his poppers. When I say that fucker was WASTED! I should have recorded the jibber jabber incoherent foolishness he was murmuring in between tributing me while playing raise the rate. By the end of the night, Jim paid over $1,300 in tributes and had $927 in talk time. The next morning he couldn't understand why he had an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, an empty Niteflirt account, but a sore, tingly ass. I did a recap for him and pour Jim damn near passed out. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Poor Jim. He sent me a message vowing to stay away from me. But not even two hours later he was buying the "Pills, Poppers, Pussy Oh My!" mp3 and sent a $50 tribute afterwards. Good boy!
Make no mistake, I do not consider myself a "findomme" It's unnecessary for me to do so. Guys willingly tribute and send gift certificates. So don't be scared off thinking "Oh no, another money domme!" I'm just good at what I do. And when you're good at something, why not get compensated for it?
Moving on...
Then there is Jim #2 who started out as a typical hypno/trance subject who likes to be put under and then heavily seduced, teased, edged and cock controlled. He was so enthralled with our first session that he purchased some mp3s and came back the night after that, the day after that and by the fourth night, he craved me so much that he called while laying next to his sleeping wife. It was a total adrenaline rush for him to talk to and go into a cock stroking trance while his wife lay next to him. Oh he fought hard to suppress his moans and hide his heavy breathing. I believe he damn near had to muffle himself with his fist when he ejaculated to keep from screaming. I know both Jims will be back for more as they both are unable to resist my hypnotic charms. 
Do you think you can resist? I dare you to try. Start your addiction with my Dependency Hypno and there will be no turning back from there...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pills, Poppers, Pussy, OH MY! The mp3

So you wanna get high? Let's get high... pills, poppers, pussy, oh my! I have been getting A LOT of calls from guys seeking forced intox. I'm betting the other blog post about Adam intrigued a lot of guys and caused their curiosity about me to flourish. The "Pills, Poppers and Pussy" blog entry received over 200 hits in one day and from that came many requests for me to do a trance/hypno audio recording for forced intox. "Pills, Poppers, Pussy!" is quite catchy and I've recruited a few new Dana-Droids who have found themselves chanting it as they get wasted. Some of you are becoming my mindless intox addicts and it is so damn amusing. So what is this hot new mp3 that's selling like crazy? Listen to a sample of it here!
I had so much fun making this mp3 that I think I might do a few more for my Black Cock craving patients who come to me confession their perverse thoughts and fantasies, as well as my secret cum craving fetishists and my dana-droids who desire to be a cuckold.
Buy the full mp3 on Niteflirt for $15.

Adam, that pill popping slut had to buy it at a higher rate of $75. Why? Because he's my bitch and he's not allowed to pay anything less than that for material that amplifies his craving for Jack Daniels and Xanax. LOL

Monday, October 19, 2015

Miss Dana's "Spoil Me" Wishlist!

My Amazon wishlist is finally set up! My hypno pets, Dana-droids and addicts have asked me to set up a wishlist on Amazon so they can begin showering me with presents and goodies and that task has been completed as of this morning. Of course when something I want crosses my mind, I will add it on there and from this point on, each blog post will also contain three items that I want from that list. I expect my Dana-droids to make sure they fulfill my desires and purchase those items at your earliest convenience. And I know you will. *wink wink*
Adam was smart enough to send that tribute as I required a long with the information I requested from him. And just to make sure he gave me his girlfriend's correct number, I called her pretending to be a friend of his from high-school who wanted help to plan a surprise party for him. It was her. And good for him too because I already had Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and this blog set with the pictures. All I had to do was press one eentsy weentsy button and his mayonnaise jar fucking dildo sucking ass would have gone viral.
Today I am logged in to take calls. It is waaayyyy too cold to go out and do anything. Which brings me to a loyal servant I've had over the last six months who I will just call "Cop and a 1/2". How I love a man who serves me in uniform. He completes various tasks for me like vacuum my entire house with his police uniform on. I send him to the store to pick up my tampons, shaving supplies and other feminine products in his cop uniform. And today at around 3:30pm when he gets off of work, he is going to come straight here to rake up some of the leaves that have already fallen from the trees out back. He will also mow the lawn that has grown a little despite the chilly autumn air that has crept into town and most importantly, he will scoop up the dog shit my Pomeranian left in the yard from Saturday until now... oh yes all in his uniform. And when he is done, I will reward him with some stale donuts that have been sitting on my dining room table since Friday afternoon. He will kneel before me and scarf those fucking donuts up like a good bitch all in the name of serving and protecting. LMFAO. He's so devoted to me. What a good little piggy. *oink oink* LOL

So what are you going to do today? Check my Goodies on Niteflirt  throughout the day as I will be releasing another kick ass mp3. I might even be nice and add some new photos as well. Buy my goodies and be sure to click the thumbs up on them.

My Niteflirt Goodies

Also stop by my new Amazon Wishlist and begin purchasing gifts for me. In the event that you are unable to purchase an item from my wishlist because I do not allow third party shipping, send an amazon gift certificate for the full amount (be sure to include the cost of shipping) to so that I can make the purchase myself.

Miss Dana's Spoil Me Wishlist

Here are a few items that I want my Dana-droids to purchase for me.

Michael Kors Fulton Flap Continental Wallet. This item needs to be purchased ASAP as they only have one left and I want it!

Michael Kors Women's Hayley Boots. This item also needs to be purchased ASAP as they only have one pair left in my size and I have not seen them anywhere else.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my favorite wines. Be sure to purchase this item at your earliest convenience!

That is all for now my Dana-droids! Ciao!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pills, Poppers and Pussy- Forced Intox Fun!

Pills, Poppers and Pussy OH MY! Today has been rather strange. I feel like I have been put into some type of a time machine and sent back to the 60s! Everybody wanted to get high yesterday. And more importantly, they want to do some very out of this world shit while their beamed up to the star ship Enterprise LOL! Take Adam, my newest voyager. He likes to whisper. He loves when I whisper. But it drives him crazy when I whisper to him how I want him to get high. He says it feels like I am the devil on his shoulders seducing him, convincing him and ultimately forcing him to get high. Adam had some Xanax, Poppers and porn (Pills, Poppers and Pussy sounded so much better though). He had already popped three Xanax before he called me and was feeling a little sluggish. The three shots of Jack Daniels didn't help. Adam is the kind of pill popping slut that will confess all of his sins while under the influence. But not only will he confess to what he's done, he will agree to do some even MORE fucked up shit. How humiliating was it to have Adam saturate his girlfriends dirty thong in his glass of Jack Daniels, put the thong in his mouth and suck the whiskey out of it? But that wasn't the half. I had this dumb fuck stick his dick in a jar of mayonnaise and fuck it while he took hits from his poppers. But the confessions he made got him in a bit of a snag. Adam wants his girlfriend to watch him suck his boss (who happens to be black) big black dick. After making that little confession to me, I found out that he sometimes practices on his girlfriend's dildo so he can have an idea of how to deep throat a ten inch dick just in case he is that big. So I had Adam do that for me on cam. And boy was his deep throat technique fucking superb! It wasn't until this morning that the reality of what he did occurred to him. Of course when he realized he spent over $2,000 between talking to me and tributing me and buying my dependency hypno mp3 5 times (LMFAO you moron!) he quickly sent me an email telling me how even though it hurt to spend that kind of money, he hadn't had fun like that in a LONG time. Well the fun got even better when I sent him a picture of himself deep throating that dildo and fucking that jar of mayonnaise. Let the blackmail fun begin. He told me that was a fantasy of his that he wanted to go through with so badly and well, call me Genie bitch! Your wish is my command. Adam's ass belongs to me now. You have one hour to submit that tribute along with the other tidbits I requested from you or the photos are going up on this blog, my twitter and my instagram. All it takes are the right hashtags and I;m sure the photos will get into the right/wrong hands. Clocks ticking Adam!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Your wife's a SLUT, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

I know some of you looked at the title of this blog post's entry and one of two things happened: Your reaction was "What the hell?" or you male pride/ego shrunk to about a micro centimeter because you know deep down, I am 100% correct. And for those of you who have wives that have not become sluts yet, don't let out a sigh of relief so quickly because trust me, it's coming.
So how do I know your wife is a slut? Allow me to take a stab at the dark. She's hanging out with her friends a lot more often than before. She's taking more time getting dressed for her "night out with the girls." Her perfume has changed as well as the lingerie that she wears underneath her clothing. It's sexier, much sexier than what she usually wears for you. She's suddenly "swamped with work" and is coming home later than usual and when she does come home, she's taking a shower immediately with the excuse that "the day was just so long and busy that she needs a shower to relax". And lastly the sex with you isn't happening as frequently as it used to and when it does, she's giving you lazy pussy. You may not have noticed some of the other things because men lack in paying attention to certain details TREMENDOUSLY, but a man is definitely going to notice when the pussy isn't being given as often.
What is "lazy pussy" and how do you know when it's being given to you, you ask? Well, we're going to get that in a moment, Just hold your horses. There's something far more important that we need to tackle. The more important question is, how did it get this way? How did my wife become a slut and why is it my fault? Let's not be naive. You know damn well how it got this way and you especially know damn well why it is your fault. But what hinders you from recognizing this mistake and correcting it is your frivolous male ego and your male pride.
There are two reasons a woman cheats: her husband is absent emotionally ( not giving her enough attention, not affectionate, lacks passion etc) or he is absent sexually (has trouble achieving/sustaining and erection, does not last long during sex, lacks rhythm in his performance, cums too quickly aka the "two pump chump" is selfish, only fucking until you are satisfied and not making sure she is satisfied as well.). Now, some men who know they aren't ringing bells in the bedroom because their cock is too small or they have the other problems I named, they try to make up for those short comings by mastering the art of cunnilingus. I applaud your efforts, but what you must understand is that no matter how well a woman has her pussy eaten, at the end of the day, a woman wants to be FUCKED, and no amount of clit sucking will substitute the need a woman has to have her pussy taken to pound city.
Back to the question of "What is Lazy Pussy?" Quickly, that is a woman who makes no effort to fuck you back. She lays on her back while you pound away, thinking you are handling your business when really she is bored out of her fucking mind with your performance. She doesn't attempt to climb on top and ride you and if she does, she only does it good enough to make you hurry up and come so it can be done and over with. It's the same with doggy style. And if you are paying attention, you know this.
I recorded this mp3 as a rude awakening to some of you who either have no idea that your wife is traveling down the road to whore-dom, or are in denial about her extra curricular activities. It's time to face the music. It's time to take ownership. Your wife is a slut and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

This Mp3 is 18 minutes long and is available as a Niteflirt Goody at $10 for this week only before going to it's regular price $25. Buy it while it's on sale now!