Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When the Addiction Gets Real!

Man, when the addiction gets real, it really gets real. And while I would never downplay the power that I have over the opposite sex, sometimes you boys amaze me in the lengths you will go to when put in a trance or just to satisfy me. I have two Jims now; Pill Popping Jim and my new Jim, a cock stroking maniac. Pill Popping Jim has various addictions- pills, poppers and humiliation. (Ha, I bet you thought I was going to write pills, poppers, pussy, oh my!) The more humiliating the experience is with me, the more addicted he is to engage in other humiliating acts. But it seems the addiction for pills and poppers (and sometimes booze) goes hand and hand with the addiction to the humiliation. 
So picture this: Jim is asshole naked, not wearing anything except his dress socks from work. He's kneeling in front of his desk with my Niteflirt page opened, staring at his favorite photo of me, he has his display of Xanax, a bottle of Jack Daniels and his poppers of course. But added to that is his girlfriend's big 10 inch dildo. I had Jim doing all sorts of things: dipping the head of the dildo inside of his glass of Jack Daniels and then sucking it off as though he was sucking a dick, saturating his cotton balls with what he likes to use as poppers and taking a hit. And then that's when things really got interesting. I decided to do forced intox via booze in another manner. Instead of having him drink the Jack Daniels, I had him cover the dildo in it. He poured some of it in a pan and bathed the shaft of the dildo in the booze. Then I had him fuck his ass with it, while taking a hit from his poppers. When I say that fucker was WASTED! I should have recorded the jibber jabber incoherent foolishness he was murmuring in between tributing me while playing raise the rate. By the end of the night, Jim paid over $1,300 in tributes and had $927 in talk time. The next morning he couldn't understand why he had an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, an empty Niteflirt account, but a sore, tingly ass. I did a recap for him and pour Jim damn near passed out. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Poor Jim. He sent me a message vowing to stay away from me. But not even two hours later he was buying the "Pills, Poppers, Pussy Oh My!" mp3 and sent a $50 tribute afterwards. Good boy!
Make no mistake, I do not consider myself a "findomme" It's unnecessary for me to do so. Guys willingly tribute and send gift certificates. So don't be scared off thinking "Oh no, another money domme!" I'm just good at what I do. And when you're good at something, why not get compensated for it?
Moving on...
Then there is Jim #2 who started out as a typical hypno/trance subject who likes to be put under and then heavily seduced, teased, edged and cock controlled. He was so enthralled with our first session that he purchased some mp3s and came back the night after that, the day after that and by the fourth night, he craved me so much that he called while laying next to his sleeping wife. It was a total adrenaline rush for him to talk to and go into a cock stroking trance while his wife lay next to him. Oh he fought hard to suppress his moans and hide his heavy breathing. I believe he damn near had to muffle himself with his fist when he ejaculated to keep from screaming. I know both Jims will be back for more as they both are unable to resist my hypnotic charms. 
Do you think you can resist? I dare you to try. Start your addiction with my Dependency Hypno and there will be no turning back from there...

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