Monday, October 19, 2015

Miss Dana's "Spoil Me" Wishlist!

My Amazon wishlist is finally set up! My hypno pets, Dana-droids and addicts have asked me to set up a wishlist on Amazon so they can begin showering me with presents and goodies and that task has been completed as of this morning. Of course when something I want crosses my mind, I will add it on there and from this point on, each blog post will also contain three items that I want from that list. I expect my Dana-droids to make sure they fulfill my desires and purchase those items at your earliest convenience. And I know you will. *wink wink*
Adam was smart enough to send that tribute as I required a long with the information I requested from him. And just to make sure he gave me his girlfriend's correct number, I called her pretending to be a friend of his from high-school who wanted help to plan a surprise party for him. It was her. And good for him too because I already had Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and this blog set with the pictures. All I had to do was press one eentsy weentsy button and his mayonnaise jar fucking dildo sucking ass would have gone viral.
Today I am logged in to take calls. It is waaayyyy too cold to go out and do anything. Which brings me to a loyal servant I've had over the last six months who I will just call "Cop and a 1/2". How I love a man who serves me in uniform. He completes various tasks for me like vacuum my entire house with his police uniform on. I send him to the store to pick up my tampons, shaving supplies and other feminine products in his cop uniform. And today at around 3:30pm when he gets off of work, he is going to come straight here to rake up some of the leaves that have already fallen from the trees out back. He will also mow the lawn that has grown a little despite the chilly autumn air that has crept into town and most importantly, he will scoop up the dog shit my Pomeranian left in the yard from Saturday until now... oh yes all in his uniform. And when he is done, I will reward him with some stale donuts that have been sitting on my dining room table since Friday afternoon. He will kneel before me and scarf those fucking donuts up like a good bitch all in the name of serving and protecting. LMFAO. He's so devoted to me. What a good little piggy. *oink oink* LOL

So what are you going to do today? Check my Goodies on Niteflirt  throughout the day as I will be releasing another kick ass mp3. I might even be nice and add some new photos as well. Buy my goodies and be sure to click the thumbs up on them.

My Niteflirt Goodies

Also stop by my new Amazon Wishlist and begin purchasing gifts for me. In the event that you are unable to purchase an item from my wishlist because I do not allow third party shipping, send an amazon gift certificate for the full amount (be sure to include the cost of shipping) to so that I can make the purchase myself.

Miss Dana's Spoil Me Wishlist

Here are a few items that I want my Dana-droids to purchase for me.

Michael Kors Fulton Flap Continental Wallet. This item needs to be purchased ASAP as they only have one left and I want it!

Michael Kors Women's Hayley Boots. This item also needs to be purchased ASAP as they only have one pair left in my size and I have not seen them anywhere else.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my favorite wines. Be sure to purchase this item at your earliest convenience!

That is all for now my Dana-droids! Ciao!

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